Mosiah 6:1-2 take the names of all those who had entered into a covenant

Mosiah 6:1-2 take the names of all those who had entered into a covenant

If Benjamin hadn�t taken the names of those who had entered into a covenant, he would never have known how well-accepted his words were. In fact, there was not a single adult, teenager, or older child who did not believe in his words and make the covenant. For those of us who have given talks or lessons while sizable portions of the audience were disinterested or sleeping, Benjamin�s universal appeal is remarkable. Because they all cried with one voice (Mosiah 5;2), we should not assume that they were all alike. This group was a combination of different peoples, the Nephites and the Mulekites. The Mulekites even spoke another language, although they had learned the reformed Hebrew of the Nephites (Omni 1:18). Given the diversity of the audience, the universal appeal of Benjamin�s oratory is that much more amazing.

Mosiah 6:3 consecrated his son Mosiah to be a ruler and a king

The beginning of the reign of Mosiah is the beginning of the end of royal government among the Nephites. Mosiah explains that such a form of government is healthy if the king is righteous like his father:

�� �Therefore, if it were possible that you could have just men to be your kings, who would establish the laws of God, and judge this people according to his commandments, yea, if ye could have men for your kings who would do even as my father Benjamin did for this people–I say unto you, if this could always be the case then it would be expedient that ye should always have kings to rule over you. (Mosiah 29:13)

However, Mosiah acknowledges that because all men are not just it is not expedient that ye should have a king (Mosiah 29:16). Therefore, the practice ends. With the exception of a secret combination that referred to their leader as a king (3 Ne 7), there are no more Nephite kings. Accordingly, Amulek refers to Mosiah as our last king (Alma 10:19)

In spite of the fact that Mosiah is the last Nephite king, we are about to read of three other kings, Zeniff, Noah, and Limhi. However, this record, as contained in Mosiah 9-22, is a flashback to a previous time and a different group of people.

Mosiah 6:3 appointed priests to stir them up in remembrance of the oath

Notice how quickly Benjamin sets up teachers to keep the people in remembrance of their covenant. As part of the covenant, the people had promised to be obedient for the rest of their lives (Mosiah 5:5). Benjamin didn�t want to give them any time to forget what they had promised to remember. This demonstrates Benjamin�s understanding of human nature�that we are quick to promise the Lord big things, but that we are quicker to forget what we promised.

The use of the word, �oath� is interesting because it demonstrates that Benjamin�s people had entered into an oath and a covenant. An oath is half of a covenant. It represents the promise of one party instead of the contract between two parties. In this case, Benjamin�s people promise of to be obedient to the Lord for the rest of their lives. This is the oath that they are to remember.

Mosiah 6:4 four hundred and seventy-six years from the time that Lehi left Jerusalem

The exact timing of events in the Book of Mormon is not always given. This statement places the beginning of Mosiah�s reign in 124 BC. We have not had an exact chronological reference since 155 years earlier, in 279 BC (Omni 1:5).

Mosiah 6:5 king Benjamin lived three years and he died

�Everything known about King Benjamin gives the distinct impression that he was a very Christlike man, whose life was characterized dominantly by humility, love, and service. His many sterling traits of character were amplified as he used them to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a true father to his people�the father of one of the most flourishing periods in Nephite civilization.� (John W. Welch, King Benjamin�s Speech: Made Simple, p. 48)

�We can be sure that King Benjamin endured well and meekly in the remaining three years of his life after his great sermon (as he taught us to do; see Mosiah 4:30).

�One wonders if he still worked in his garden, at least a little bit. If so, did passersby stop to greet him? Did they perhaps notice, near the end, that he was not in his garden anymore?

�Revered as Benjamin was, what an engaging experience it must have been to hear him preach personally�especially while sitting in one�s family circle in a tent facing the temple.

�But we can hear him now. If we read him reverently, the intervening centuries soon melt away. His earnestness emerges, and his personableness almost caresses us, giving King Benjamin such immediacy and high relevancy as his example combines with such powerful words about discipleship. I wonder if, like meek President Spencer W. Kimball, meek Benjamin also did not realize how unique he was in the eyes of the Lord. How blessed we are to have such models.� (John W. Welch, and Stephen D. Ricks, King Benjamin�s Speech: Made Simple, pp. 19-20)

Mosiah 6:7 Mosiah�himself, did till the earth, that thereby he might not become burdensome to his people

Like father, like son. Benjamin was not just a great politician, statesman, and general, he was a great father. He had successfully transferred to his sons the principle of self-reliance, even as king. Search the annals of history for any other kings who were so benevolent and so concerned that they might not become burdensome to their people. Plan for a long and unfruitful search!

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Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud – Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

Shelves: library-book , graphic-novels , writing

I have been on a bit of a graphic novel and comic reading kick lately, raiding the library collections for any titles that sound interesting and devouring them at a rather manic rate. Traditionally, I never really considered myself a comic fan, preferring prose, but something about the elegance of the “artful combination of words and pictures” has really intrigued me. Beginning with autobiographical and other small press comics, I’ve been enjoying more and more graphic novels. Then, thinking bac …more I have been on a bit of a graphic novel and comic reading kick lately, raiding the library collections for any titles that sound interesting and devouring them at a rather manic rate. Traditionally, I never really considered myself a comic fan, preferring prose, but something about the elegance of the “artful combination of words and pictures” has really intrigued me. Beginning with autobiographical and other small press comics, I’ve been enjoying more and more graphic novels. Then, thinking back on my childhood, in spite of my disinterest in “super heroes” I had long been a huge fan of comics like “Calvin and Hobbes” and other strips, realizing that I had always appreciated the form. Reading more widely, in the various styles and genres of the form has even inspired me to look into making a comic or graphic novel of my own (my own lack of artistic talent notwithstanding). This is where I picked up “Making Comics” by Scott McCloud.

A very interesting read, even for more than people looking for advice on working on their own graphic novel. McCloud details many insights that I had not thought about regarding the behind the scenes creation of comics, graphic novels, and other “pictures in sequence.” “Making Comics” is not a simple “how-to” book, but an examination of the creative processes unique to comic creation, told from McCloud’s own point of view and including examples from the diversity of the art form, from manga to edgy, experimental small press works. From choices of imagery, pacing, and composition to character design, to categories of word/picture combinations, McCloud details many aspects of creation I had not conceived of before. I will look for these various choices and differences when reading the work of other artists, even if I never begin work of my own. The chapter describing tools, techniques, and technology was particularly interesting for me, but it must be said that “Making Comics” is not really geared towards beginners looking for the basics of drawing and writing, though many such works are suggested by McCloud in the detailed notes and bibliography. However, it is also a unique guide to comics design that is useful for anyone interested in analyzing graphic novels, even if they are not artists or writers themselves. Throughout, I found the book entirely readable, even when discussing the vagaries of style and design. I particularly enjoyed McCloud’s essays about understanding genres and comic culture, which arranges all comics by their values; classicists, animists, formalists, and iconoclasts. I have not read any of Scott McCloud’s other works, but I will definitely look at them as well.

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Gig Harbor Undressed » Blog Archive » What makes a real estate agent a good agent?

February 1st, 2011 at 2:43 pm

I struggled with whether or not to approve the above comment, because no name was given and a bogus email was given. I’m not much for providing a forum for people to vent while hiding behind fake names.

However, I think it brings up some discussion. I won’t address everything here, as it’s been beaten to death in so many other venues. Two things I will address:

1) Don’t tell me that I don’t care about my clients. You don’t know me, and you don’t know my feelings. I was a school teacher, at a private Christian school, for 7 years, so yes, I do know what teachers get paid. What I don’t know is why I was a good and noble man then, but since I changed professions now all of the sudden I must not care. I also know that I’ve impacted as many lives in real estate as I did in education.

2) Hourly wage for Realtors is a ridiculous concept. You’re suggesting that if I do my job well, and use my online presence to sell homes quickly (as I do) that I should get paid less than someone who does their job poorly, sits open houses, spends hours making paper fliers and newspaper ads? The fact that I’m more efficient and better at what I do is indicative to you that I should get paid less than someone who is less efficient at what they do? I don’t get that.

February 1st, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Thanks for approving my post, you’re a good sport and again, no personal offense intended. The email I provided should be correct and is real. Okay, I’ll concede that I should not have said that you don’t care. For arguments sake, I am generalizing about realtors and I still contend it’s true, but I should qualify that. I did open my post, acknowledging there are great people in real estate. That being, on a human level and as far as professionalism, courtesy, basic civil characteristics, irrespective of the profession, agents certainly are as good and caring as anyone. Just as most responsible individuals, most agents do care about the quality of their performance, skills, attention to details, manners, personableness & satisfying their clients fully. I’m still not sure they’re really “care” about the “buyer or seller” though. Just as I doubt the clerk mixing my paint at Home Depot really “cares” about my room color, but they wish to perform their job/task properly and wish me no ill will.

I know you work hard at whatever job you do but in which profession did you specifically work the hardest in? Teaching or Real Estate? How did you qualify to be a teacher vs. a real estate agent? How many hours on the job did you put in each day teaching? vs. how many hours did you put into any one real estate job/listing. Not “cold calling” or having your cell phone on while doing other things, but actually working hours on one specific listing until it sold or expired? And let’s not forget the Policeman or Fire Fighter’s job, training, skill and stress level vs. a Realtor for a reality check. Maybe they should be on commission?

I didn’t go into more specifics about my suggested business model. I supposed like any service, you’d have a billable rate perhaps coupled with a minimum just in case you slam dunked a deal in 5 hours. Even still, 5 hours at $50/hr is excellent wages is it not? Perhaps it’s also ala cart such as: online ad = $75; open house = $200; Yard sign = $100 etc. Then bill your additional time if you: 1) personally show the house 2) meet to present/accept an offer, 3) create an addendum, 4) attend an inspection and so on. Don’t lawyers bill in :15 increments. If you spend :15 on the phone with escrow or the client, log it and bill it. Seems like I could even create the business model for you if you wish but surely you must have more “real estate” knowledge than I and could do it better?

I would like to think that if you’re exampled Realtor who is slow, shifty or otherwise inferior to you was subject to the same business model (hourly, ala cart); that eventually he/she would either have to shape up or quit the business because he/she could not compete with you and other effective agents. Keep in mind that just maybe volume of deals would increase because listing prices are not inflated by owners trying to offset the current, outrageous commission costs. Then again, I suspect that there are plenty of agents who are real estate agents because they can be casual in their job and still make those large commissions for minimal time worked. Not you I’m sure. Your blog and website alone show me that you provide better than average service. Good Luck.

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Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Leptin

The authors assessed the effects of leptin treatment in 8 patients with hypothalamic amenorrhea, compared with 6 patients who were not treated. All 14 patients had secondary amenorrhea for 6 months or longer, coincident with increased exercise or low body weight and were otherwise healthy without acne, hirsutism or LH/FSH, TSH, and prolactin alterations. Basal and follow-up assessments in a clinical research center included comprehensive endocrine, body composition, metabolic rate analyses, bone densitometry and pelvic ultrasonography. The patients treated with leptin (r-metHuLeptin) received 0.08 mg/kg/day subcutaneously for 2 to 3 months, with 40% of the dose given at 8:00 AM and 60% given at 8:00 PM. If patients ovulated the study was terminated at 2 months. If no ovulation occurred the dose was increase to 0.2 mg/kg/day for a third month. Leptin treatment increased mean LH levels and LH pulse frequency after 2 weeks of treatment and increased maximal follicular diameter, the number of dominant follicles, ovarian volume and estradiol levels over the study period. Three patients had ovulatory menstrual cycles; 2 had preovulatory follicular development and withdrawal bleeding during treatment. Leptin treatment significantly increased levels of free T3, free T4, IGF-I, IGFBP-3, bone alkaline phosphatase and osteocalcin but not cortisol, corticotropin, nor urinary N-telopeptide. Untreated control patients did not have any significant changes in any of these variables. Body weight did not change in the control patients; however it decreased slightly among the treated ones, owing to a small decrease in body fat without changes in lean body mass. No significant changes in metabolic rates or food intake occurred. The authors concluded that the relative leptin deficiency in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea is improved with leptin treatment. This results in improved reproductive, thyroid, growth hormone axis and markers of bone formation, suggesting that leptin is required for normal reproductive and neuroendocrine function.

Welt CK, Chan JL, Bullen J, et al. Recombinant human leptin in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea. N Engl J Med 2004;351:987-97.

Editor’s Comment: Hypothalamic amenorrhea, also called functional amenorrhea, is frequently seen in women who are athletic, underweight and/or stressed. It is usually preceded by irregular menses, weight loss or increase in physical activity and it is considered to be the result of energy deficiency. In non-athletic women of normal weight it may be associated with psychosocial stress also related to subtle deficits in calorie and macronutrient intake. The central energy-related hormone, leptin, is the common factor underlying the pathogenesis of this entity. The study by Welt et al adds data substantiating the importance of leptin in mediating the neuroendocrine abnormalities of hypothalamic amenorrhea, a leptin deficiency condition. They demonstrated an improvement with leptin treatment, without other medications to induce menstruation, while the patients maintained their usual dietary intake, exercise habits and lifestyle. However, let’s not tread into new expensive treatments without correction of nutrient deficiencies or without first attempting to modify the dietary intake to meet all the energy and nutrient needs of the patient. The accompanying editorial by Ahima1 addresses the distinguishing features of this condition from anorexia nervosa, as well as an erudite explanation of the pathophysiology of the disease as it relates to body fat, leptin and hypothalamic amenorrhea.

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Secondary Amenorrhea and Fertility

Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding in a woman of childbearing age. A woman who has primary amenorrhea has never had a period by age 16 while a woman with secondary has encountered loss of menstrual bleeding when she previously had a monthly period.

Amenorrhea causes can include pregnancy, lactation, or cessation of birth control pills. It is normal to miss several periods right after stopping oral contraception. Stress can also cause loss of menstruation as can extreme obesity. It isn’t helpful to go on crash diets and lose a lot of weight at once, however, as this can cause menstrual irregularities too. If you have begun a very rigorous exercise regimen, this can be a cause of amenorrhea. If you are approaching menopause, you may begin to skip periods as well.

What causes amenorrhea is the failure of the ovaries to produce enough estrogen to cause the uterine lining to thicken and then shed each month.

One of the most common types of amenorrhea is hypothalamic amenorrhea. Hypothalamic refers to the hypothalamus gland, a tiny gland at the base of the brain that acts as a hormone regulator for the entire body. This hormone regulation also includes the menstrual cycle.

It’s a good idea to have a thorough workup done, including blood work to check for abnormal hormone levels. Blood work should include FSH, LH, TSH, and prolactin levels. A progesterone challenge test can be helpful as well.

Herbs such as vitex are effective treatments in promoting hormonal balance and health. Black cohosh contains phyto-estrogenic properties which are also effective in correcting menstrual irregularities. In addition, Siberian ginseng is a highly respected Chinese herb that is helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle and improving hormonal balance. Dong quai promotes a healthy reproductive system and menstrual health.

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LEARN: Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea, defined as the absence of menstruation, can happen at any time, from puberty to later in life. If a girl has not had a period by the time she is 16, the condition is called primary amenorrhea. Secondary amenorrhea is when menstruation stops after previously having had periods. Pregnancy may be the first thought in such a situation, but it may not be the case. There are many causes of amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea is not a disease, but it is a sign that things are not as they should be. Seldom does it result in a serious problem. However, knowing the reason for the cessation is a valuable asset in calming the mind while waiting for the menstruation to reappear. Often there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed and when it is, menstruation returns to normal.

What Are The Signs Of Amenorrhea?

The most obvious sign that you may have amenorrhea is that you are no longer having a menstrual period. Primary amenorrhea is the absence of a period by age 16. Secondary amenorrhea means you have not had a period for three to six months. Depending upon the cause of the amenorrhea, there may be other symptoms such as a discharge from the nipples that is milky, headache, vision changes, or hirsutism (excessive hair growth on the face and torso).

Primary amenorrhea is caused by a number of different things such as chromosomal abnormalities that can cause a premature loss of eggs and follicles which are part of the ovulation process. A malfunction of the hypothalamus, the control center for the body and the place where menstruation is regulated, caused by over exercising, anorexia, physical stress or psychological issues can also cause amenorrhea. A tumor or some other type of growth on the pituitary gland may disrupt the function of this gland to regulate the menstrual cycle. Sometimes a baby girl is born without all of the organs of the reproductive system. A lack in these organs will cause amenorrhea. If there is an obstruction of the vagina, perhaps by a membrane or wall that blocks the flow of blood from the uterus, then amenorrhea may result as well.

Secondary amenorrhea is more common and can be caused by pregnancy, birth control pills and injected or implanted contraception as well as progesterone-containing intrauterine devices such as Mirena. Mothers who breast-feed often experience missed periods, even though ovulation may occur. Stress can affect the hypothalamus which in turn affects menstruation. Medication, illness and hormonal imbalances are all causes of amenorrhea. PCOS is a common cause of amenorrhea. High, sustained levels of hormones, rather than fluctuating levels as is normal, results in a decrease in the pituitary hormones that cause ovulation and menstruation. Low body weight and excessive exercise are also contributors to amenorrhea. When a woman has low body fat, is too stressed and has high energy expenditures, then amenorrhea will likely occur.

There are several more factors that go along with amenorrhea, such as premature menopause, thyroid malfunction, pituitary tumor and uterine scarring. If a woman is suffering from amenorrhea it is important she talk with her health care provider to discover the root of the problem so it can be addressed properly.

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personableness | Definition for personableness

* personableness was not found in one of the official word lists

1. the complex of attributes that make a person socially attractive -noun

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